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A Pandemic, A Week of Floods, and a Hundred Years of Coal (Mergoat Mag / September 2023)

     An article on mutual aid efforts across Appalachian hollers after the floods in Eastern Kentucky

Climate Activists Must Prioritize Front Lines Over Metropolitan Rallies (Truthout / September 2023)

     An op-ed on the pattern of climate activists flocking to cities over the frontlines

Activists Risk Arrest — and Smoke Inhalation — to Fight Mountain Valley Pipeline (Truthout / June 2023)

     An op-ed on protestors risking arrest and wildfire smoke inhalation to #StopMVP

Four Commonalities of Two Distant Pipelines (Mergoat Mag / May 2023)

     An article on the similarities between the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline

Grassroots Climate Organizers Led the Way to Scrapping Manchin’s Dirty Deal (Truthout / October 2022)

     An op-ed on a climate movement victory to stop Senator Joe Manchin's pipeline bill

How my childhood led to a deep respect for women who run away from their lives (Aurelia Magazine / May 2022)

     A personal essay on divorce and runaway women

For Many Asian Americans, the Connection Between Fashion and Climate Change Is Personal (I Heart Climate Voices / April 2022)

     An article on human rights, climate impacts, and sustainability conversations in the AAPI community

What’s the big deal about compressor stations? (POWHR Coalition / April 2022)

     A blog post about fracked gas compressor stations

There can be no livable planet without queer liberation ( / June 2021)

     A blog post about climate leadership in global queer communities

In order to face health and climate crises, we must break down the silos of “Asian-Americanness” ( / May 2021)

     A blog post about global understanding of and solidarity with Asian and AAPI communities

What weeding can teach us about the climate crisis (DC Ecowomen, July 2020)

     A personal essay on what weeding taught me about the climate crisis

What we take for granted (Portland Press Herald, February 2019)

     A personal essay on the clean water we take for granted

Wakanda forever, lah, beyond the West (The Bangalore Review, February 2019)

     A personal essay on Black Panther and what it meant to my students in Miri, Malaysia

The Earth We Borrow: Lessons on Time and Life in Miri, Sarawak (Anak Sastra Literary Magazine, January 2019)

     A personal essay on my time teaching in Miri, Sarawak and what it taught me about climate change


Gaia’s Breath (Flourish Fiction / February 2022)

    A short story set a century in the future about climate impacts and community resilience in coastal India.


why we wear stilettos

kali ma (she's with us on the subway)

visit to the killing fields


Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility (Haymarket Books / April 2023)

    A chapter in a book edited by Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunatabua for anyone who is despondent,

    anxious, or unsure about climate change and seeking answers.

Considering: New Life During Climate Catastrophe. (Inherited / October 2022)

    A podcast episode about what people of color think about having a child during a climate crisis.

A Playbook for Screenwriting in the Age of Climate Change (Good Energy / April 2022)

    A playbook for screenwriters and filmmakers to write and create climate tv shows and films.

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